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Global Health Equity
Ask the Expert

Dr. Elizabeth Drum and OpenAnesthesia Editor Dr. Sam Percy discuss Dr. Drum's journey toward a career committed to global health and health equity and the work of the ASA Committee on Global Health.

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New Podcast Episode:
OA-SPA Ask the Expert

Dr. James Xie and OpenAnesthesia Editor Dr. Jina Sinskey discuss the Cures Act and transparency in medicine.


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SBE prophylaxis indications

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Question of the Day

Systemic levels of mepivacaine would MOST likely be the greatest 10 minutes after which of the following regional techniques using an equal volume of 1.5% mepivacaine?

Question of the Day


Systemic absorption of a local anesthetic is determined by the site of injection, the concentration and volume of local anesthetic, the addition of vasoconstricting additives, and the pharmacologic profile of local anesthetic. Generally speaking, the more vascular the region the higher the blood levels after injection. Absorption from the intercostal space is rapid, with plasma concentrations peaking as quickly. Many people use the acronym "ICE-BS" (Intercostal -- Caudal -- Epidural - Brachial plexus - Spinal) to remember fastest to slowest systemic absorption.

OA Series Spotlight

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OA-SOAP Fellows Webinar Series

Communication and Handoffs on Labor and Delivery: A Culture of Safety

Andrea Girnius, MD, University of CincinnatiFebruary 2023

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OA Global Health Equity Ask the Expert

Career in Global Health Equity

Samuel Percy, MD, Children's Hospital ColoradoMarch 2023

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OA-SPA Ask the Expert

Cures Act and Transparency in Medicine

Jina Sinskey, MD, FASA, University of California San FranciscoMarch 2023