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Dr. Melissa Coleman and OpenAnesthesia Editor Dr. Aditee Ambardekar discuss historical perspectives in anesthesia and their role in education.

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Which of the following would be LEAST likely to decrease mixed venous oxygen saturation (SVO2)?

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Cyanide poisoning results in the cell's inability to utilize oxygen for ATP production, thus the body's oxygen consumption (VO2) is low. SVO2 is inversely related to VO2, thus SVO2 would be expected to be high in cyanide poisoning. Shivering would result in the opposite -- an increase in VO2 and therefore a decrease in SVO2. Anemia and hypoxemia both result in a lower SVO2.

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OA-SPA Ask the Expert

Historical Perspectives in Anesthesia and Their Role in Education

Aditee Ambardekar, MD, MSEd, UT SouthwesternApril 2023