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Newborns: Dehydration assessment

Hypotension is alatefindingin pediatric patients (children may maintain a normal blood pressure until 35% of blood volume is lost).Tachycardia is sensitivebut not specific indicator.Prolonged capillary refill (> 2 seconds), especially when combined with tachycardia, is more specific, although it may be difficult to measure.Cold skinanddecreased urine outputmay be present.Weak pulses, mottling, cyanosis, andimpaired consciousnessmay all precede hypotension. In fact, hypotension is an ominous sign in pediatric patients

Hypovolemia in Pediatrics: Signs

  • Tachycardia:sensitivebut not specific. Resolution may help guide therapy
  • Delayed Capillary Refill: specific if > 2 seconds
  • Others: weak pulses, mottling, cyanosis, and impaired consciousness (may all precede hypotension), cold skin, decreased urine output
  • Hypotension:latefinding.OMINOUS