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Lactated Ringer’s Solution: Metab

Lactated Ringer’s (LR) is a slightly hypotonic balanced crystalloid solution used in electrolyte replacement and volume resuscitation. LR is a physiologic solution that contains a mixture of sodium (130 mEq), chloride (109 mEq), lactate (28 mEq) potassium (4 mEq), and calcium (1.5 mEq). The lactate in LR is metabolized to pyruvate in the liver, and to a lesser degree, the kidney, which is then converted to bicarbonate. Therefore, LR administration is less likely to result in a metabolic acidosis, unlike Normal Saline will cause a metabolic acidosis in large resuscitation. Using LR in patients with liver or renal failure may result in a lactic acidosis as they lack the ability to metabolize lactate in to bicarbonate.