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Anesthesiology Practice: Licensure

Anesthesiology certification requires Bachelor’s degree, 4 year medical degree, 1 year internship, 3 year anesthesiology residency and pass all certifying exams including USMLE’s Steps 1-3, Anesthesiology Basic exam, Anesthesiology Advanced exam, and Anesthesiology Applied exam. After completion of these requirements a physician becomes eligible to obtain Certification from American Board of Anesthesiology. An Anesthesiologist must also maintain a medical doctor license which are handled by individual states. In order to maintain ABA certification, Anesthesiologists must fulfill all components of MOCA 2.0 every 10 years including: maintain an active, unrestricted medical license in at least one jurisdiction of the US, complete 250 Category 1 CMEs(20 must be Patient Safety), complete 30 MOCA Minute questions every quarter maintaining performance value of greater than or equal to 10 and participate in quality improvement as deemed sufficient by ABA.

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