Adaptive Learning comes to Anesthesiology

For you.

  • Personalize your learning with novel and patented algorithms that assess and adapt to you
  • Strengthen your knowledge and retention with innovative technology based on education, cognitive psychology and neuroscience research
  • Earn up to 10 hours of CME for every 50 correct questions


  • Fit learning into your busy schedule; 1-2 minutes per question is all you need
  • See your progress at a glance with visual performance reports
  • Access over 1500 questions from teaching physicians at top hospitals — via a fast, easy-to-use app


  • Enjoy learning with games and timed challenges that make CME fun
  • Challenge your colleagues or compete against the app
  • Test your knowledge with 20 in 20, 60 in 60 and 120-minute learning challenges

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