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Cryoprecipitate: fibrinogen content

One unit of Cryoprecipitate contains approximately 250 mg of Fibrinogen.

Also, it is a VERY concentrated source of Factor 8

How is it prepared? by slowly thawing a unit of FFP at temperatures just above freezing (1-6 °C), typically in a water bath or a refrigerator. The product is then centrifuged to remove the majority of the plasma, and the precipitate is resuspended in the remaining plasma or in sterile saline. The product may be pooled and frozen or frozen as individual units


One unit:

  • 100 IU of factor VIII
  • 250 mg of fibrinogen
  • von Willebrand factor (vWF)
  • factor XIII


  • Hemophilia – Used for emergency back up when factor concentrates are not available.
  • von Willebrands’s disease – Not currently recommended unless last reserve. dDAVP is first line, followed by factor concentrates.
  • Hypofibrinogenemia
  • Bleeding from excessive anticoagulation – FFP contains most of the coagulation factors, and is a much better choice when anticoagulation has to be quickly reversed.
  • Massive bleed – RBCs and volume expanders are preferred therapies.
  • DIC