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Bronchial blocker: Advantages

Bronchial blockers can be advantageous in patients in whom intubation with a double lumen tube is difficult or impossible (easier to place, can ventilate while placing). They allow for isolation of particular segments of the lung. They are technically simple. They can be used in pediatric patients. They work with existing single lumen tubes and thus do not require tube exchange at the end of surgery

The Uniblocker is the most simple (essentiall a small bougie with a balloon at the end). The Arndt has a wire loop and the Cohen a wheel

Disadvantages include high cost and unreliable lung isolation

Advantages of Bronchial Blocker

  • Technically simple
  • Use in difficult / pediatric airways (small size, allow for ventilation during placement)
  • Can isolate individual segments
  • Work with SLTs (no tube exchange required)