Preoperative Gastrointestinal Concerns (Anesthesia Text)


PO Consumption Prior to Anesthesia and/or Sedation

ASA Guidelines: Fasting Recommendations

ASA Guidelines: Fasting Recommendations to Reduce the Risk of Pulmonary Aspiration
Clear liquids: 2 hrs
Breast milk: 4 hrs
Infant formula, non-human milk, or light meal: 6 hrs

These recommendations apply to healthy patients who are undergoing elective procedures. They are not intended for women in labor. Clear liquids include water, fruit juices w/o pulp, carbonated beverages, clear tea, and black coffee. Since non-human milk is similar to solids in gastric emptying time, the amount ingested must be considered when determining an appropriate fasting period. A light meal typically consists of toast and clear liquids. Meals that include fried or fatty foods or meat may prolong gastric emptying time. Both the amount and type of foods ingested must be considered when determining the
appropriate fasting period

Medical Prophylaxis against Pulmonary Aspiration

The Task Force does NOT recommend routine administration of any medications to reduce the risk or ameliorate the effects of pulmonary aspiration [Anesthesiology 90: 896, 1999]