Guide to Surgical Procedures is divided into several, major Units (ex. Anesthesia Text, Critical Care Manual, Pharmacology…), each of which is subdivided into Chapters (or in some cases, even smaller subdivisions, such as sections, individual key words, topics, points of interest, or bibliographic references). This page contains all of the Chapters for the Guide to Surgical Procedures.

The goal of this page is to collect and distribute practical advice on the surgical aspects of procedures that anesthesiologists are likely to encounter, with an emphasis on matters which affect anesthetic management. Secondarily, but also important, this page is designed to be a forum for commentary on the evidence behind these practices and preferences. This section of will be similar to a traditional textbook in the broad range of topics covered, but different in that it will provide this information in the form of a wiki (ie anyone can edit, add, or subtract to it). We invite you to make changes as you see fit, but if this is your first time editing our site, please take a look at our Policy on Evidence Based Medicine and our Guidelines for Authors.

In order to create a new Section or Chapter, use Categories to do so. For more information in creating a new page and creating Categories, see our FAQ section.


Cardiac Surgery

Thoracic Surgery

Vascular Surgery

General Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

ENT Surgery

Pediatric Surgery

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