Editing Existing Pages[edit]

How Do I Edit an Existing Page?[edit]

Easy. When you are on a page that you want to edit, click on the Edit tab at the very top of the page to edit the entire page. Note that only logged-in users see the “edit” tab. Also, for some pages, you may have to be logged in to edit them.

Creating New Pages[edit]

How Do I Make a New Page?[edit]

Suppose you wanted to create a new page about SIMV because you know a lot about SIMV. You’re not sure where you want to store the page (critical care? controversies? topics? see Categories below for more information on how to organize your pages). To make a page called SIMV, all you have to do is click the “ADD” link( next to the Encyclopedia label on the navigation bar – or click here). Then enter SIMV in the textbox and click “Create or edit”.

If that page already exists, ie someone beat you to the punch, you will go to the page’s edit form. If not, MediaWiki will display a form that will allow you to create the page.

Deleting Existing Pages[edit]

How Do I Delete a Page?[edit]

First, before you delete a page, be SURE you want to do so. If you have any questions about this, contact us before deleting anything. That said, if you have an obvious deletion (ex. a page that you accidentally created, or that is a duplicate), deleting is easy – just go to the page you want to delete, select “edit” at the top of the page, erase all of the text in the text box, and save the changes. That page will be gone forever – unless, of course, someone else comes along and recreates it. Note that only logged-in users see the “edit” tab.


How Do I Make Subject Headings?[edit]

The easiest way to make subject headings is to go to the page’s form and click “Add section”. Then, add the heading text in the “Header” text field. This will automatically make that text a level 2 heading. If you would like to create additional headings within that section, these are done with the equal signs. For instance, to make a large subject heading entitled “Chapter 1”, type the following into the “text” textarea:

===Chapter 1===

This will make a level 3 heading. To make a level 4 heading, use 4 equals signs on both sides of the heading text. There is also a toolbar above the textarea that should make this easier.

Why are Headings So Important?[edit]

Because they allow MediaWiki to automatically generate a table of contents for your page.

How Do I Add An Image To My Text?[edit]

First, you have to set up a user account (click on “login” at the top if you haven’t already done so). Once you have set up your account, edit or create a page using the form. Then click “Add section”. Next to the “Images” field, you will see an link labeled “Upload file”. The image will automatically be displayed in the correct section.

For more advanced users who would like more control over image display, you can log in and then browse to Special:Upload. Once you’ve uploaded your image click Image Help to decide how you want to display it. The insertion text should be placed somewhere in the “Text” textarea.

How Do I Make A Text Box?[edit]

To make a separate text box (for example, if you are doing Key Points), use a template like so:

{{Key Points|
Layers in Paramedian approach:
* Skin
* Subcutaneous fat

This produces:

Layers in Paramedian approach:

  • Skin
  • Subcutaneous fat

Organizing / Website Structure[edit]

What Are Categories?[edit]

Categories are one of the ways that MediaWiki organizes wiki pages and are helpful in navigation. An encyclopedia page is usually assigned to only one Encyclopdia category, but where necessary it can be assigned to two.

How Do I Use Categories?[edit]

On the bottom of the Encyclopedia edit form, there are two dropdowns for assigning categories.