Cleft Palate (Guide)

Preoperative Evaluation and Questions:



Lines and Monitors: Standard ASA,

Mode of anesthesia: General Anesthesia.

Positioning: Supine

Surgical Course:

Intraoperative Goals and Events:


Duration: hrs


Pain: /10

Post-Operative Concerns, Transport, Disposition: ICU

Evidence-Based Medicine:


  1. Oral RAE cuffed tube taped to lower jaw. Straight connector on circuit.
  2. Concern for post-op obstruction. Surgeons will place tongue stitch to retract tongue if Pt obstructs. Will go to ICU post-op for airway watch.
  3. Use Ketamine and/or Precedex and minimal narcotics to decrease respiratory depression post-op. Glycopyrrolate early in case to decrease secretions.
  4. Hold tube when removing throat packing, ETT may be dislodged with packing.
  5. May have significant amount of blood in posterior pharynx, suction thoroughly.
  6. Avoid crying, screaming, coughing on wake-up. Do not place oral or nasal airway post-op. Use tongue stitch to open airway if needed.
  7. May be associated with chronic otitis requiring tympanostomy tubes. May also be associated with Peirre-Robin and Treacher-Collins.